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Of the Haut Rendement

Concept led by Jean Hiraga, Gérard Chrétien et al. with the magazine L’Áudiophile in 1976, with the firm conviction that low-power tube or solid state amplifiers could feed large size audio speakers.

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While The Miniaturization

Of Loudspeakers

Was being experimented in Europe and the United States, the concept of ever-increasing the size, loudspeakers was being developed in Japan. Interestingly the Japanese were frequent users of the famous Altec drivers, especially the woofer 416 and some duplex units

or coax, although there are Japanese brands of exceptional quality as Goto, Allen or Onken. These drivers have the uniqueness to offer an efficiency superior to the 100 dB’s @ 1w @ 1m with ideal to work with low powered high quality amplifiers.

Eijiro Koizumi,
founder of Onken

Was one of the pillars of the Haut Rendement in Japan and who opted for the designs of enclosures “Bass UltraReflex” (originally designed by Peter L. Jensen). The Ultra Bass boxes were very successful, surpassing the open baffle and phase reverse horn designs. The Onken deliver powerful bass without any distortion, but can be delicate when music demands it. The box is used as a sound wave controller and not to “amplify” the sound.

We have experimented

With Onken boxes and with Altec drivers for over three decades. We built our first loudspeaker in 1980, faithfully following Koizumi's designs and Jiang Hiraga prescriptions, using a 15" woofer and Audax HD17HR17 midrange and compression driver horn tweeter. We are committed to the use of five dedicated amplifiers and highly accurate electronic crosovers.

(Alnico Magnet)

Midrange and Tweeter Coaxial configuration

Gorgeous curved cabinet

Creates music with a very wide sound stage, you don't need side or rear drivers

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