Rocky Mountain 2018

“Troy Audio was presented at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 in Denver, Colorado and just like last year, we had great success.
Not to brag but we were one of the most visited rooms and the comments from the specialized press were exalted and flattering.”

Our 1110 suite at the Marriott Denver

Tech Center had two systems:

The first was made up of Triode Corporation bulb electronics, preamplifier and power stage with 300B bulbs and magic with just 8 watts. The digital source was an Esoteric CD transport, while the DAC was the small giant DiDIT High End. All cables were Synergistic Research. Sometime on Saturday, we added the impressive turntable Thrax Audio with phono pre of the same brand from Bulgaria. The Achilles loudspeakers of Troy Audio had its unforgettable presentation in society by the hand of our friend Santos Oropel who was in charge of the playlists. Delicacy, high resolution, development of unsuspected bass and a tonal balance that fell in love with everyone. The second room offered the great system that included the fabulous Thrax Audio Spartacus amplifiers with the Dyonisos preamplifier.

As a digital source we had a Metronome CD transport and a Mac computer with streaming of the new Qobuz service; the DAC was the sophisticated Maximinus also from Thrax. The analog part was made up of the charming turntable and its special tonearm by Frank Schroder, while the cartridge were the Sculpture designed by the genius Francois Saint-Gerand who also made the demos with his eclectic taste. All the cables and AC protection was from Synergistic Research. Musicality and the sensation of realism floated, that coupled with a simply incomparable dynamic. Soon reviews will appear, as several journalists were delighted with the musical emotion.