Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was a success for Troy Audio.

Happy people, a lot of music, great comments of audiophiles and music lovers.

Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80237, EE. UU.
Phone: +1 303 779 1100 / +1 669 212 0188

Our set-up in Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was:

  • Loudspeakers, Hellena by Troy Audio
  • Loudspeakers, Hellena by Troy Audio
  • Racks by Silent Audio Racks
  • Power Amplifier, TRX-P3M by Triode Corporation
  • Preamplifier, TRX-3 Preamplifier by Triode Corporation
  • Tape Deck, Sonorus PR-99
  • Tape head amp, Cello/King by Charles King
  • Open Reel Tapes by STS
  • Turntable Garrard with Steve Dobbins Plinth
  • Tonearm, Frank Schroder
  • Cartridges et Phono Eq, Ana Mighty Sound
  • CD player, Metronome CD8s
  • DAC by DiDiT High-End
  • Cables by Zonotone
  • Resonators by J.Trillo

¿What press wrote about Troy Audio in RMAF 2017 Denver Colorado?

“Best Sound (Cost No Object): My heart belongs to Troy Audio’s Altec 604 loudspeaker but my brain insists that top honors go to the Vandersteen Seven Mk. II loudspeaker with Sub Nine subwoofers partnered by the VTL Siegfried Series II monoblocks.”

Dick Olsher’s Best of Show in The Absolute Sound:

“It was extremely nice to see, hug, and chat with my tall French friend Francois Saint-Gerand (and his new wife, Ana, who, every time we meet, renews my faith in the Force of Life that put us all here). Francois’ company, Ana Mighty Sound, makes moving-coil phono cartridges—their newest cartridge model is the TNT 15 (price on request)—that always sound electrifying. Today, the TNT 15 was mounted on a custom Schröder arm (also price on request), itself mounted on a restored and enhanced (and very beautiful) vintage Garrard 301 turntable (price high and variable).

Also in use was Frank Schröder’s own diminutive looking—but heavy—Pabst-motored, rim-drive design ($6000). I heard it play only two records, but that was more than enough for me to recognize this little shoe-box-plinthed beauty can punch it out with the best anywhere. It seemed more alive, direct, and precise, than the all-out Garrard 301 sitting behind it.

Ana Mighty Sound’s newest product is the $3600 Le Phono phono stage, which was driving a Triode Corporation TRX-1 line-level preamp ($3000) and TRX-P3H triode tube amplifier ($6500) pushing the brand new Troy Audio Hellena loudspeakers ($100,000/pair). Interconnects, power and loudspeaker cables were by the venerable Japanese company: Zonotone.

Troy’s Hellena loudspeakers are giant, shiny, 330 lb four-ways. They employ new Altec and Fostex drivers and are made in Mexico City by Francois’ old friend, and Troy’s super-passionate owner-engineer, Francisco Jileta.

I listened to some extraordinary records like Dom La Nema’s Cantando (Francois has the world’s best taste in music), and all sounded naturally vigorous, tuneful, and sunshine bright. Transient speed and instrumental tone were there in good measure, but I could not escape noticing a slightly coarse top octave. When Francisco asked if $100,000 was too high a price, I laughed pretentiously, and told señor Jileta,”You should upgrade the tweeter and double the price!” He frowned sternly. Then more hugs and kisses (on both cheeks) to everyone, and back to halls. (I had over 100 rooms left to cover.)”

Here is what Herbert Reichert wrote about us in Stereophile:


The Troy Audio Hellena speakers ($100'000/pr) employ modern takes from Great Plains Audio on vintage Altec 604 duplex units. Mexican manufacturer Francisco Jileta incorporated the 15" 604-8K-III duplex with a 15" 416-8B woofer and Fostex horn tweeter all with AlNiCo magnets. This speaker was apparently finished just prior to the show. It was rather imposing, standing about five feet tall and weighing ~330lbs/ea.! Triode Corporation supplied the TRX-3 preamplifier and TRX-P3M 300B amplifiers (parallel 300B monoblocks of 20W). The speakers exceed 100dB sensitivity so the amps had no trouble driving them full range. Sources included 1/ a Garrard 301 turntable with Steve Dobbins plinth and Schröder CB tonearm, Ana Mighty Sound TNT15 Evolve MC cartridge (a modified EMT TSD15, see right), 2/ a Sonorus PR-99 tape deck with Cello/King tape head amp, 3/ a Metronome CD8s CD player with DiDiT DAC SE. Cables were by Zonotone, a name new to me.

Francois Saint-Gerand represented the Ana Mighty Sound cartridges and was kind enough to show me a series of photos on his cell phone which showed their step-by-step cartridge repair procedure. They work on many different brands and the photos suggested fine workmanship. Francois showed great enthusiasm for his work and I really enjoyed his entertaining style while he headed up this room. At one point he put on a record and muttered softly "let's see if this drives people out" in mischievous jest. I laughed out loud as I found his music selections to be quite engaging. The system exhibited good dynamics and tonal balance and Francois' cartridge was revealing plenty of nuances. Owning a pair of vintage 604B Duplex, I'm a fan of vintage Altecs and liked what I heard. Although the Altec drivers are designed to limit dispersion to 60° for monitoring so side wall reflections are less of an issue, I would still love to hear what these might do in a larger room where they could be played louder. Last but not least, all of the exhibitors in this room were genuinely nice folks and I came back several times for both the sound and the inviting atmosphere.”

Stephen Marsh of expressed these opinions

“I once heard someone say, "the road to true audio happiness is seldom traveled by the multitudes." Avid music lover and founder of Troy Audio, Francisco Jileta credits legendary audio gurus Jean Hiraga and Gérard Chrétien from the French high-end magazine L’Áudiophile in 1976, with the same conviction. There's is centered around the idea of low-power tube or solid state amplifiers driving large ultra-sensitive loudspeakers. It is from this storied belief system that the Troy Audio Hellena loudspeaker ($100k) was created. Bulky but nicely contoured, the Hellena uses a 16" woofer, a 16" horn and a high-frequency compression tweeter is located on each side of its shiny piano exterior.

I've had the luxury to hear Jean Hiraga's electronics in Munich back in 2009 and wrote of my experience hearing it with Audio Consulting of Switzerland products. Whenever I hear the name Jean Hiraga, my ears begin to sweat. I can anticipate something very special is about to happen. Although Jean Hiraga was not here and did not build these loudspeakers, the Hellenas have a sound that is very similar in that it simply sounds alive.

The Hellenas were setup in a room way too small for these oversized but very attractive 3-way loudspeakers. When I asked Jileta about the sensitivity he replied they were "over 100 dB" which told me enough, particularly when I saw them driven by the new 20-watt Triode Corp TRX-P3M pair of mono amps. Without even realizing the volume, the music just gushed forth with a quality that I can only describe as special. What was most surprising of all was the spectral balance despite the size of the Hellenas. The balance of the Hellenas was remarkable as well considering how slow and heavy the bass was in other rooms using speakers only a fraction of the size. I thought a 20-watt amp wasn't going to reproduce too much low end or create problems but at the same time, the low-end never felt shy or bashful either. Not only was the bass accurate and tuneful, it was powerful and pitch perfect, creating a seamless connection to the music over and over again. The source was entirely vinyl throughout my 90 minute stay...Yes, I got stuck trying to figure out what was going on in this room. The overall sound was pretty incredible not just from a sonic aspect but from a component aspect as well. I would consider myself somewhat knowedgeable with regard to the names of manufacturers, yet there were names here that I never heard of. Wouldn't have mattered if the sound was forgettable. But because it was so utterly delightful, I needed to know who these folks were.

RMAF-2017-110-6.jpgThe rest of the system was composed of open-reel tape decks by Sonorus, a tape head amp by Cello/King by Charles King and STS open-reel tapes. A Triode Corp TRX-3 pre was also being used alongside Garrard turntable rebuilt on a Steve Dobbins plinth and equipped with a Frank Schroder arm. I don't recall hearing digital but just in case someone did, it would have been through a Metronome CD8s player and DiDiT High End DAC. Finally, cables were by a company called Zonotone while the room was tweaked out using Resonators by J. Trillo. Yes, these are very similar the ones that Franck Tchang first brought to CES many years ago. Of course, there's going to be another opportunity for me to hear the Troy Audio Hellena loudspeakers. Hopefully, the venue won't be under show conditions either. I can only imagine what this would be like since even here, under these harsh conditions, the sound was absolutely stellar.”

Those are nice words of Clement Perry, editor of Stereo Times: