The new Troy Audio’s Acapulco loudspeakers is the new interpretation of the famous 1960 classic Altec Santana speaker.


Only difference is we’ve improve the design using new concept to create a highly musical system that will fit the discriminating taste of the present day Audiophiles.




The 415C employs Alnico V magnets for maximum efficiency, the voice coil is of the edge-wound aluminum, situated in deep magnetic gap to maintain proper cone control and linearity, resulting in extremely low distortion, even during excessive cone excursion.


We are use a modified version of a Fostex super tweeter with an Alnico magnet. The coupling between the super tweeter and the Biflex horn has been well calculated in impedance and sensitivity. In addition we are allowing the full response of the Biflex driver – which naturally has a soft roll-off from 14 KHz, at which point the super tweeter starts to function, only as a subtle reinforcement at extremely high frequencies. The tweeter is surrounded by a plate that doubles and serve as a waveguide that expands high-frequency coverage, thus unveiling a wide soundstage.


As the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, used to say:

Fun in Acapulco!


We redesigned the baffle and used high quality wood and Premium veneer, that will re-create true to life sound in a twoway configuration. Thanks to the superb Biflex 415-8C driver manufactured by our sister company Great Plains Audio and a state-of-the-art Fostex tweeter.



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